Short Film Tyson Review : It is the classic tale of an unsung hero

14 . May . 2019
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Royal Stag Large Short Films has come up with some interesting content since the past few years. The company was one of the first ones to release short films in a consistent manner and under an umbrella. Now, the company launches their upcoming short film, Tyson, and here’s our complete review.

The film starts with a young man being incarcerated in a prison cell, him wanting to relieve himself but the police officers not heeding his words. While this is going on, the audience is introduced to the character Tyson, a person they hear about, not see. Apparently, Tyson is the interrogator-in-chief, who even the head of the police station seems a bit scared of. Who’s Tyson, and what role the character plays in the chain of events forms the rest of the story.

What’s WowTyson is a remarkable idea and is one of the most unique portrayals of strength – especially a strong female character. The director has taken a conscious decision of portraying a character with all her strengths and weaknesses – a far cry from the all-conquering and encompassing heroes that we see in films and series.

Tyson isn’t just the story of a strong character, but a sharp rebuke at the way the world works, without making it all to preachy. That the character is flawed is hinted at and even discussed in the film all through.  The screenplay shows that true courage and grit isn’t just about changing the world, but about having the strength to change what one can and having the strength to tolerate what one cannot.

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What’s Blah : Nothing

Parting ShotTyson is an endearing story of the unsung hero.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Santosh Unde, Mahesh Bodas, Pretti Gopalkrishnan, Shardanand Singh, Angelica Jennesved, Robin Rebello, Sanjay Bhatia, Rituraj Parihar, Bhuvnesh Shetty, Manjushree Kulkarni, Disha Suvare, Swayam Suvare

Producers: Mandala Films, Balwani Sahab Productions, VoiceNViews, Sanjay Bhatia

Director: Sanjay Bhatia

Screenplay: Bhuvnesh Shetty, Yogi Chopra

Watch the short film here :