Large Short Films THE LAST CHAPTER Review : It is a Compelling Story

11 . Sep . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The concept of a father meeting his lost son or daughter has been around since a long time now. In fact, most mainstream films of four decades were about parents looking for lost children. One of this film was unique – Mausam, where the father is forced to rescue his daughter from a brothel, and he decides to rehabilitate her.

Of course, the underlying concepts couldn’t be handled back in the seventies. But its 2019 and with newer sensibilities, content creators are becoming bolder. This brings us to the Lara Dutta presented short film, The Last Chapter, starring Kay Kay Menon and Mishti Chakraborty. Here’s our review.

A man, probably a journalist, is making a documentary about exploited women. In a live broadcast, he talks about what inspired him to make this documentary and he talks about the last woman that he spoke to, an escort. He then reveals a terrifying secret that has stopped his project forever and ever.

What’s wow : Raj Singh Chaudhary has created a compelling tale that’s as realistic as its offending. The screenplay is crisp and tight, leaving no leeway for clichés and additions. Kay Kay Menon does a fine job of bringing a flawed character to screen.

What’s Blah : The Last Chapter lacks drama and is a straightforward story. The entire short film will not lose any essence even if it was a radio show.

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Parting Shot : The short film is a good, compelling story that needs to be told.

Cast & Crew
Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Misthi Chakraborty
Writer and Director: Raj Singh Chaudhary

Watch the short film here :