Netflix’ Bird Box makes you hear the sound of your pounding heart

04 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Bird Box is a film that redefines helplessness. The makers of the film have wasted no time in letting viewers know what the film is all about and making them sense the characters’ vulnerability. Here are some scenes that got us chewing our nails and our hearts beating out of our chests.

  • We see a woman talking casually on the phone when Malorie enters a hospital to get herself checked. However, as she is about to leave, she sees her banging her head on the glass pane, staring at Malorie.

  • People are running helter skelter, most of them killing themselves or others. A woman, Lydia, rushes to help Malorie get off the road but instead, sits inside a burning car when she hears her dead mom’s whispers.


  • Malorie and the kids (Boy and Girl) are in the boat. They start hearing a man’s voice, who jumps out of nowhere trying to pull Malorie’s blindfold off. He yells that he has seen the truth and is eventually killed by Malorie in a gruesome manner.


  • Few of the people who are holed up inside a house, head to a supermarket for food and necessities. They paint their car windows and cover them with newspapers so that they can’t see the creatures. They drive over corpses on the way.

  • Olivia lets Gary take shelter in the house. He turns out to be mentally ill. They can see the creatures and not get affected. Gary lifts up the blinds, forcing Malorie and another woman to look at the creature and kill themselves.

  • Malorie trips and falls and gets separated from Boy and Girl. They hear voices asking them to take their blindfolds off. It is scary because viewers are constantly thinking whether they will take them off.


  • The last of the spine chilling scenes was the one where Tom accidentally sees the creature while trying to save Malorie and the kids from a bunch of mentally ill people. He kills all of them, but not without taking his own life in the end. Malorie loses the only support system she has.

This film is definitely not for the weak at heart. We could not watch the film without our mouths agape, holding on to our seats and wondering ‘What next?’