Netflix Original Birdbox Review: Sandra Bullock is in top form in the film

21 . Dec . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Post-apocalyptic thrillers are a dime a dozen. That means that writers and directors who want to make a film in this genre should have an amazingly fresh concept – or at least screenplay elements that will really knock the socks off the audience.

By now, Netflix has made some stellar offerings, and owns the sci-fi genre with Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Bright, etc. To this, the streaming behemoth adds Birdbox, a film about a world that’s attacked by a strange phenomenon – people are committing suicides, even mass suicides.

Sandra Bullock plays a woman on the verge of motherhood who’s struck by tragedy. She literally is discussing having wine and stuff with her bff one moment and is flying in a car wreck the next. What follows next is a gritty, edge-of-the-seat thriller that has Sandra Bullock and other characters battle huzombies (That’s a term I made up), upriver tides and other dangers.

What’s Wow: Birdbox creates an excellent world and has some intriguing characters. John Malkovich is obviously in top form and strikes a chord. Danielle Macdonald’s character is the emotional heft a post-apocalyptic film requires. What really works for this streaming film is that the Eric Heisserer and Josh Malerman don’t go into the details and instead go ahead to create an intense survival story.  Susanne Brier, the director,

Birdbox has the same satisfactory feeling that one would get watching a James Wan or a Stephen King film. A balls-out, blood-in story that doesn’t pull any punches. Sandra Bullock, of course, is at the top of all and performs well as the character who evolves from a woman who doesn’t want kids to someone who’s ready to sacrifice her own life for their sake.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: Birdbox is an excellent addition to the thriller genre.

BirdBox is streaming on Netflix