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Netflix Original: Bright

Netflix has delved into the action drama space with its magnanimous fantasy film Bright. It stars Will Smith as an LAPD officer (Ward) and...

Netflix Original: Little Evil

The streaming platform is a great option for horror filmmakers. Horror directors are really pushing the envelope in short films. They are making even...

Netflix Original: To The Bone

Discussing physiques is the favorite pastime of an entire generation. Countless men and women face derogatory comments and slurs because of how they look...

Netflix Original: Okja

The Japanese really make films with a passion that’s rarely see in Hollywood fare. Asian cinema routinely has animals as a central theme in...

Netflix Original: You Get Me

Netflix Originals are the gold class of streaming media. They routinely come up with amazing content that’s shot by some of the best talents...

Netflix Orginal : War Machine

War has always intrigued people. Film directors and makers have used war as the central theme of their films as well as a side-concept...

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