Netflix Selection Day Review : This is just the first part of what could have been a two part series.

31 . Dec . 2018
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  • Netflix brings a good Indian story to streaming audiences with Selection Day

Selection Day is the latest Netflix Original that’s based on a popular book. This time, the book is Selection Day, by Arvind Adiga, and talks about a father who is hell bent on making his sons the top cricketers in the country. Bring into this mix a school that’s on the brink of bankruptcy, a yuppie businessman who’s looking for a deal that will take all his financial woes away and a cricket coach who was once disgraced and it makes for an eclectic mix of characters. How successful Netflix is bringing this story to the screen is what this review is about.

Mohan Kumar has one dream in life – to make his sons the best cricketers in India. To that end, he has taken several steps – even agreeing to marry a sportsperson because he thought the DNA would be great. He now faces a problem – none of the elite schools in Mumbai will enrol his sons, Manju and Radha. Unknown to him, one of his kids doesn’t even actually like cricket – he is more into the scientific bent of things.

What’s Wow: The performances all around are great. The two kids, Yash Dhoyle and Mohammad Samad are the perfect fit for the characters – skilful, a bit nervous and well, very adolescent. Rajesh Tailang portrays his character with a sincerity that’s not seen much. Mahesh Manjrekar as the flawed coach with a past is a treat to watch as well. The fantasy character played by Shiv Pandit is a much need respite.

Creators Marston Bloom and Aravind Adiga have done a wonderful job of creating a story that’s part urban-rural conflict and part adolescent dreams and ambitions. The entire direction has a very ‘school’ feel to it, and that’s what adds more muscle to the already intense screenplay and story.

What’s Blah: Nothing, except that the mini series seems to end abruptly, but of course, but readers who have read the book will understand that this is just the first part of what could be a two part series.

Parting Shot: Selection Day is another feather in Netflix’s cap.

Yash Dhoyle, Mahesh Manjrekar, Akshay Oberoi, Mohammad Samad, Ratna Pathak Shah, Rajesh Tailang, Vipashayana Dubey, Pakhi Gupta, k, Subrat Dutta, Shiv Pandit, Amruta Shubhash, Parul Gulati

Selection Day Series streams on Netflix.