How Technology Keeps People Motivated Throughout The Pandemic?

02 . Jan . 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Pandemic attacks have been constant and rough on the human race since history. SARs, ebola, swine flu — they have all come and scarred the history. But with evolving times, the coping mechanisms of people changed. To readers, it was ebooks; to lottery enthusiasts, it was the Powerball lottery at Lottoland Asia; to movie buffs, it was Netflix, and to social butterflies, it was the zoom meetings.

So, all thanks to technology, that this virus was contained before it caused a massive calamity, and our lives were disrupted less maliciously. The converging technologies contributed the most to several areas and kept people motivated during this tough period. Here’s an illustration of the areas they contributed to:

Lottery methods witnessed a major shift from offline to online via games like the Powerball lottery at Lottoland Asia

Although the concept of the online lottery has existed for decades, it was only after the pandemic that it got the highest surge. Before the pandemic, many people preferred offline modes as they were not well acquainted with the technology. However, the tables turned quite quickly as the pandemic forced everyone to make a shift at the online mode.

Thus, during the pandemic, a majority of lottery enthusiasts went down the Lottoland lane in quest of their betting passion. As of reports, many users responded well to the online mode and appreciated its presence during these tough times.

  • Lottoland is an arena of multiple lottery games.
  • However, the one topping the charts during the pandemic was the Powerball lottery.
  • This could be because of its ease of use and simple navigation system.
  • Moreover, the lottery holds high returns and lower volumes of house edge.

So, the online lottery remained the highlight of the pandemic for all lottery enthusiasts.

Shunned sources of  misinformation regarding inaccurate mortality figures

An essential element of pandemic management is panic control. During a pandemic, the topics of discussions change and mostly revolve around the:

  • Mortality rate
  • Fatality figures
  • Number of people infected
  • Rise in cases
  • Areas affected the most.
  • Treatment options
  • Expert advice
  • Medical facilities
  • Government policies etc.

Therefore, a single modification in any of the above topics can drive the country to the verge of a sweeping spread panic attack. These panic attacks can drive people insane and compel them onto the roads for revolts that may take violent turns.

  • Thus in order to sustain such high-level disasters, some reputed faces of the technical industry work really hard.
  • Google, Facebook YouTube all these platforms earnestly work towards producing accurate reports and shun down the pieces that mislead the audience.
  • The misleading pieces could cause several problems and therefore, only the news verified by WHO gets published on such forums.

If it weren’t for technology, the concept of news verification would have been impossible. And people would have been fed with inaccurate figures and misguided news materials, causing devastating repercussions. This way, technology simmers down the flames of misinformation and creates a transparent scenario between the people and the government.

Extended facilities like facial recognition and AI

The most twisted part of the pandemic remains identification. The guidelines clearly mention social distancing and no-touch regulations; however, this bounds the identification methods.

But all thanks to well-evolved technologies that extend features like:

  • face recognition
  • big data
  • and AI, where identification processes ease up.

These three techniques helped authorities withhold massive data packets without any social contact.

  • The face recognition technique works well even with the masks.
  • Big data helps track people that were quarantined or affected.
  • Moreover, the data stored helps to analyze whether the people have been infected or contacted an infected person lately.

Provided grounds for contactless and accurate temperature monitoring

The most critical aspect of this pandemic has been the temperature monitoring machines. These machines have been technologically upgraded and hold no room for wires or analog readings.

  • The digital temperature monitoring machines were essentially the most crucial devices during the movements.
  • Any checkpoint, be it hospitals, offices, hotels, airports, or malls, had a permanent temperature monitoring machine.
  • This machine was continually used to check the passers-by before they entered the premises.
  • If any passers-by tended to have a fever, they were turned away and were restricted to enter.


The most haunting aspect of today’s world is pandemic. The pandemic that has us sliding on the verge of a devastating catastrophe. This time has been profusely challenging, and so has been its effect and management. But we all owe a certain amount of gratitude towards the technology that helped us steer this far during a deadly crisis.

The technology spread enabled: transparency, accuracy, and security altogether during such sensitive times. The technology did indeed advance and will continue to do so, and so should our preparedness, caution, and reactions for such difficult times.