ZEE5 Original Review: Badnaam Gali is a poignant take on the Indian middle class

11 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Divyendu Sharma and Patralekhaa comes to the streaming platforms with Badnaam Gali, the ZEE5 Original that launched over the week. The film tackles several aspects together, like the middle class, suburban narrow-minded attitudes and new medical procedures like surrogacy. Here’s our complete review of the ZEE5 Original, Badnaam Gali.

Patralekhaa plays Noyonkia, a young woman who stays in a part of Delhi. She is the constant subject of conversation in her locality, because she’s pregnant and her neighbours see men coming in and giving her wads of money on a consistent basis. All this reaches a tipping point when Divyendu’s character, Randeep a relative of one of the neighbours comes into the picture and in Noyonika’s life.

What’s wow: Badnaam Gali is a bitter-sweet take on the modern aspects of life, where middle class mentalities, conservative ideologies, patriarchy (read wife beaters) live together with aspects like live-in and surrogate pregnancies. Divyendu does the job well, that of playing a country bumpkin who’s angered by the caustic nature of people in town.

Patralekhaa, as the headstrong, confident woman who has decided to live life on her own terms a long time ago. The crème de la crème moment of the film belongs to, of course, Divyendu, who goes into an emotional tirade that tugs at the hearts of even the most uncaring member of the audience.

All in all, this ZEE5 Original film has what it takes to keep an audience interested in its run time. A colourful supporting cast adds the much-needed zing for this family-oriented comedy.

What’s Blah: Divyendu and Patralekhaa are cute and there’s a semblance of feel-good, innocent chemistry between them. However, a hurried screenplay simply refuses to explore that aspect of the story. The love angle between them seems to be hurried and reminds of the love angles in the nineties, where a man and a woman fall in love just because they meet each other at a difficult time in their lives. The antagonist angle also seems to be put in hurriedly, though it does make for the culmination of the story.

Parting Shot: Badnaam Gali is a heartwarming must watch for the born romantics

Cast: Divyendu Sharma, Patralekhaa

Director : Ashwin Shetty

Producer: ZEE5

You can watch the series on ZEE5