ZEE5 short film Fatafat review : Divyendu Sharma does an excellent job

02 . Apr . 2019
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Divyendu Sharma did an excellent job in Mirzapur. The talented actor showed potential and we are sure, he will be in several upcoming projects. One of those projects that have hit the streaming platforms is Fatafat.

A whole generation won’t know what Fatafat is. It is a black, digestive pill that looks pretty ‘grown up’. The tangy taste is also something one attaches to adults. The black pill was an intriguing part of growing up in the eighties and the nineties. That it makes an appearance in a short film is amusing.

Divyendu plays a young call centre employee who isn’t having a good time in his life. His professional life is haywire and there’s no saying what’s going on in his love life. As he moves about, tired and frustrated, he meets a salesman who peddles him a pill for patience. He is in for a shock when the pill works. Now that he wants more, the adventure begins.

What’s Wow: Fatafat is firstly an ode to an earthy, urban Indianness – the actual digestive pill Fatafat has a following of its own but isn’t available in well heeled neighbourhoods. The film is also a classic take on what we call the placebo effect – if you consume something, thinking that it will solve problems, you will already feel the problem is on the verge of getting solved.

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Such zany concepts require a lighthearted screenplay, and Parijat Joshi does a great job of bringing the screenplay to screen. Diyvendu as a gullible man and Ishtiyak Khan as the smart salesman are a class act as well. It’s a good thing that the makers didn’t increase the timeframe of the short film and kept it as much as it was.

What’s Blah : Nothing

Parting Shot : Fatafat is a quirky zinger.

Cast & Crew : 

Cast: Divyendu Sharma, Ishtiyak Khan

Directed by: Parijat Joshi

Writer: Tarun Dudeja

Watch the trailer here :