MX Original Cheesecake Review: It’s a furry tale of unconditional love

30 . Nov . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the midst of all the scheming, connivance and hate filled shows comes a series that will
warm the cockles of your heart. An MX Original Series and a TVF creation, Cheesecake is about
unconditional love and being open to change and responsibilities with open arms and a big
The protagonist in ‘Cheesecake’ is a golden retriever who Sameera (Akanksha Thakur)
brings home in a drunken stupor. Her husband Neel (Jitendra Kumar) discovers his highness
the next morning. Never ones to take responsibility, and not even being able to fulfil simple
tasks like getting the bread or washing clothes, the duo are now faced with the monumental
task of taking care of a living being. They realize the hard way that they can’t just have the dog
lying around and carry on with their daily chores or keep their conflicts unresolved.
The couple put Cheesecake up for adoption. They choose his name together, the only time they
spend with each other after ages. They don’t realize it, but the furry friend forces them to
confront feelings they had been brushing under the carpet for years. Blame it on the pressures
of modern life or mere indifference on their part, they had started spending more time apart
than together, with trips being replaced by deadlines.
Just as the uninvited guest starts making a precious place for himself in their lives, Neel and
Sameera get to know about Cheesecake’s previous owners. They even go meet them…a
meeting that forces them to make the toughest decision of their lives. It’s heart wrenching,
tear-jerking and hilarious in all the right parts.

What’s Wow:
The series is short and sweet with 5 episodes, 140 mins in total. Who says a series has to be
obnoxiously long to be able to appeal to viewers!
It doesn’t just aim to entertain but impart the much-needed wisdom regarding how to take care
of one’s pets and treat them like another member of the family. After all, they have a heart too!
‘Cheesecake’ is slow and sweet. There is no rush, anywhere. Everything happens at its own
pace, which, as the series progressed, I realized was essential to the theme of the series
The performances are from the heart and the actors’ make up ranging from little to none. It is
so refreshing; you need to watch it to feel its impact.
It is delightful to watch something that’s so raw, yet beautiful.

What’s Blah:
Not applicable for this series. No Way!

Parting Shot:
Cheesecake is a perfect weekend watch!

Cast & Crew:
Cast: Jitendra Kumar (Neel), Akanksha Thakur (Sameera), Aaryan (Cheesecake), Kumar Varun
Shikhar), Devika Vatsa (Megha)
Music & Lyrics: Santanu Ghatak
Cinematographer: Pooja Gupte
Editor: Prashant Panda
Creative Producers: Shreyansh Pandey, Abhijeet Singh Parmar
Executive Producer: Sameer Saxena
Writer & Creative Director: Gautam Ved
Developed by & Director: Palash Vaswani