Giving you the warm, fuzzy feeling of love, here’s a perfectly-curated watchlist for Valentine’s Day – TVF

12 . Feb . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

There are two kinds of people that one finds around the love-filled season of February. The first are the ones who have someone to cuddle with and then the singletons who like to believe that ‘Valentine’s Day is for the weak’. But admit it or not, each one of them have their own desires and problems with the love-bug that makes them want to curl up in bed with the eternal question – ‘What to do on Valentine’s Day?’

As you munch on your snacks and get all cozy under the fairy lights, The Viral Fever saves the day by bringing you 5 stories to binge that will melt your heart. So, sit back and set the mood to revel in the romance as you enjoy these shows and sketches:

  1. Awkward Conversations with Girlfriend

The title sure is relatable for everyone who is in a relationship. Taking inspiration from real life scenarios, watch how the conversations between Ishaan (Ritvik Sahore) and Ananya (Rashmi Agdekar) unfold and ensue hilarity whilst relating to every feeling that they go through. How a severely tricky conversation ends on the sweetest note, reminding you of all the arguments that you had with your partner and making up that follows, makes for the quintessential show that portrays a true millennial couple.

2.      Mr. & Mrs. S1 & 2

Sanju (Biswapati Sarkar) and Madhu (Nidhi Bisht) have been giving us couple-goals for two seasons straight. Mellowing our hearts by giving us the perfect balance of sweet and sourness, tantalizing our buds and making us want for more, Mr. & Mrs. by Girliyapa explores various situations experienced by married couples. Keeping the relatability radar for both married and unmarried couples to feel and laugh about, this is thee show that paints the realistic mature couple.

3.      Flames 1 & 2

Rajjo (Ritvik Sahore) & Ishita (Tanya Maniktala) will make you nostalgic by taking you back in the days of teenage romance where the reason for your cent percent attendance was your crush. This show by The Timeliner’s encapsulates the friendships between three friends and shows two contrasting relationship types. You can decide what type of relationship is yours and the kind of relationship you would want, but one thing can be assured that the story will make you fuzzy for some true innocent love.

4.      Cheesecake

Looking for the perfect slice-of-life? Like most of us, Neel (Jeetendra Kumar) and Sameera’s (Akanksha Thakur) crazy work routine, busy lives and desire for success has left their love estranged. But life takes a toll when the cutest most precious dog – Cheescake enters their life for the better. Making the life of these hoomans absolutely pawtastic, Cheesecake will ignite new hope in a relationship and the possibility of re-discovering unconditional love. After all, what’s love without a doggo?

5.      Humorously Yours 1 & 2

Borrowing heavily from the real-life based stories of aspiring comics, Humorously Yours starring Vipul Goyal and Rasika Duggal, gives the absolute truth of striking a balance between career and family. If you ever needed a reality check, this show is for all those who are trying to develop their personal and professional growth.

Voila! Here you go with the curated list of things to watch, for you and your bae. Let the rom-com feels hit already. Binge watch them here: