Watch Shalmali Kholgade reveal secrets about her music background in an exclusive chat with Vaibhav Bundhoo

09 . Dec . 2019
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The Music Room by TVF in its 3rd episode is all set to strike a chord among music aficionados all over the country. In a freewheeling conversation, the episode will see popular singer Shalmali Kholgade bare her heart out, as she takes the viewers through her journey from a restaurant singer to becoming one of Bollywood’s most successful playback singer. With her melodic voice and feisty attitude, the award-winning singer has become the prominent voice of the Indian music industry. The show seeks to showcase the country’s famous Indie artists, exploring their musical journey with Music Director & show host – Vaibhav Bundhoo.

Shalmali Kholgade’s musical journey is a momentous one. In the latest episode, she talks about being part of a cabaret troupe, getting accepted into Berkley School of Music, being introduced to the world of western music, and her belief to seize every opportunity. With the recent release of her first Independent music video, Shalmali reiterates her admiration for Beyoncé and her desire to become a Popstar in the Hindi Music industry.

“Since childhood, I have only dreamt of writing my own songs and performing it live. For me, the dreams never revolved around performing in front of a huge crowd, although I absolutely love that. But I always wished to sing in a small room with few people who love music as much as I do. I am thankful to my parents for being supportive and constantly motivating me to pursue my dream. I still remember my brother would bring me cassettes and CDs of popular artists and I would go wild with pause, rewind, play and karaoke. I hope that all aspiring musicians receive adequate support and the world acknowledges India as a major hub for global music.”, quipped Shalmali.

TVF, once again, with The Music Room seeks to capture its viewers with ingenious and original content.

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