MX Player’s ‘Cheesecake’ Trailer is Paw-Some and here’s why you must watch it!

23 . Nov . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A fancy apartment, a well-paying job, your beloved by your side – you might have it all, but do you continue to have a nagging feeling that something is lacking? In this fast paced life, we sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy the moment for what its worth.

This is when Cheesecake makes all the difference!

No, we’re not talking about a slice of pie but a handsome golden retriever who enters the lives of Neel (Jitendra Kumar) and Sameera (Akanksha Thakur) – a married couple who seemingly lead the perfect life but are lonely, despite being together. The 5 episodic series explores what happens when the little furball called Cheesecake helps make their life whole again. 

Here’s why the paw-some trailer of MX Original Series Cheesecake, a TVF Creation has us revved to watch the series!

1. The star of the show – Cheesecake! – He’s handsome much, he’s always smiling and he will never break your heart! This golden retriever definitely steals the show! 

2. Jitendra Kumar – Jitendra Kumar or Jeetu bhaiya as we all know him has stunned us with performances across mediums. The digital star has made us feel multiple emotions with his superlative performances and now he’s back with yet another rollercoaster of emotions – ‘Cheesecake’.

3. Akanksha and Jeetu reunite for this series – Having worked together in Tech Conversations with Dad, Permanent Roommates and Pitchers, Akanksha and Jeetu have been deemed as one of the most popular on-screen couples in the digital space. Their reunion for this series is highlight anticipated by their fans.                         

4. A show that will relate to all pet lovers – The trailer of ‘Cheesecake’ gives us a sneak peek into the show’s plot and how it revolves around a dog/pet. It is definitely a treat for all the dog lovers who can catch up and relate to instances that are showcased in this series. Right from ruining the cushion covers to your sandals, the pet lovers will relate to it all!

5. You can watch it for FREE on MX Player No subscription issues, no payment and premium content that you can binge watch for FREE. Now, what more can one ask for?

Download the app now and on 29th November, get ready to welcome ‘Cheesecake’ in your hearts!