A Sneak Peek into Gagan Arora’s candid interview, who is constantly seen in TVF sketches and shows

09 . Nov . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

1. How did you get into acting and specifically the web space?

Acting and I have been in an on and off relationship for a while now. We started strong took a break and now we are back stronger than ever. I started acting in college, we used to do street plays and stage plays and I got really indulged and did it for three years straight, by the end of the third year I got inclined towards direction more and went to Mumbai to study filmmaking, from there ended up assisting on my first feature film (Stree). Just after that I get a call from one of my juniors from theatre who was then working at Timeliners that they were looking for actors and motivated me to audition. I auditioned and boom I was back to acting and since then it’s been a roller coaster ride!!


2. You’ve done College Romance and were also a part of Girls Hostel, how has the association with TVF been for you overall?

It’s been inspirational; whenever I have worked with TVF, I got motivated to do my best. TVF has one of the best young directors who want to do something differently, they want to try and bring a different level of work to the web, which really fascinates me.


3. Speaking of College Romance, how relatable was Bagga for you? Do you still get recognized for it even after a year since its release?

I am from Delhi and I have seen a lot of Baggas growing up around me, so the character wasn’t alien as such but to be him was the big job at hand.

Baggas character has been a boon as well as a curse for me. Boon in the sense that the character became so iconic that I have received the kind of love and fame every budding actor wishes of but curse because the character is soo iconic no matter what I do wherever I go people see me as Bagga, want to see me as Bagga, so much so I think more than 80% of the people who follow me won’t even know my real name, but frankly soo I enjoy it more than I hate it because I know I am what I am today because College Romance happened.


4. Any memorable scene or moment from the web show?

I still remember my first shot, I was extremely nervous and it was a scene where I am supposed to get slapped and then say quite a few lines which became really popular later on…So I asked my Co actor to actually slap me in the take and nobody else other than him me and director knew it was going to happen .

So when we started the take and he went for it everyone had a genuine reaction be it my Co actors or the junior artists on set, and I still remember he gave me a good one so even I had to collect myself and then say the dialogs, I still remember when the director said cut everybody just started clapping. To get that kind of reaction on your first shot ever was really special.


5. You have played a variety of characters in short videos latest being an upcoming sketch – Padh Le Basanti, how do you prepare for all the different roles in the offering? Any character that stayed with you?

I have a process and I approach everything the same way, the format doesn’t matter, be it sketches, short films, feature films, you need to do justice to your character because if you aren’t honest the audience will catch you in a second and write you off.


6. You have worked on web series, sketches and now a film. How different were all three and which one do you enjoy working for more?


Again I just love being on a set, to have a script to speak, to stand infront of a camera, where everyone is working towards a common goal.The format doesn’t matter to me. Whenever I’m on set I am as happy as a kid in a Waterpark.


7. How was your experience working for Ujda Chaman?

Ujda Chaman has been an exceptional experience, one because it was my first feature film and it was a medium I haven’t experienced and as a young middle class boy you always dream of being a part of one. I have had great learnings from working amongst such experiences and talented actors and crew. I literally had a note pad out everyday and was looking at everyone with gloomy eyes, noticing their processes, their rituals, the way the communicated. But I guess I can’t match anything with the feeling that I had when I saw myself on a 30ft poster of our film, it was a dream becoming reality, and I couldn’t move, couldn’t stop smiling for a long while.


8. What are the upcoming projects that you are looking forward to?

Well there have been a couple of offers but nothing concrete as of yet, I really want to take time and take my next step being smart not being instinctive.