The latest offering from TVF’s The Timeliners, Indians in a Gym, gives you a glimpse into the kind of fitness freaks you cross paths with in the Gym

31 . Aug . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Everyone who has ever set an enthusiastic (or reluctant!) foot in the gym will find this quite hysterical. If you’re looking to get fit – well, this sketch will give you a fit of giggles and have you in stitches. But you don’t have to be bitten by the gym bug to give that funny bone some exercise by watching this sketch!
Dil maange khaana aur body maange gym. Society’s pressure is too much to get slim. Well, these poetic lines are nothing but the truth in the pursuit to be fit and fine in this health-conscious world. From the guy with a ‘khaana hai pyaar, par duniya ka pressure bole gym jaaya kar yaar’ attitude to another regarded as a gym guru, we come across different types of people in gyms. Timeliners, from the house of TVF, is making people roll on the floor with laughter with its latest sketch ‘Indians in a Gym’.
Featuring Gaurav Taneja AKA Flying Beast, Shreya Singh, Puneet Waddan, Apoorv Singh Karki, Haneet Singh and Simar Singh, the sketch wonderfully captures the various situations taking place in a gym. The sketch begins with the character, Suresh, who ventures into a gym and ends up getting a sneak peek of the environment. This is followed by a hilarious portrayal of characters like the all-knowing, all-seeing Gym God; the guy who tries (and fails) miserably at losing weight; and the guy slinging supplements like they’re chakna.
Commenting on the sketch, Gaurav Taneja, who is popularly known in the fitness space, said, “The people we meet from different walks of life in gyms make them infinitely enjoyable and entertaining. This sketch puts a humorous spin on all the antics we get up to in gyms. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the sketch and hope it gives everyone a hearty laugh.”
Written by Saket Sharma and directed by Sanjeev Joshi, the sketch is simply amazing and a must watch for those for whom the gym is no less than a temple! To catch up on more of the fun, you can visit The Timeliners YouTube page or log onto TVFPlay.