Netflix acquires animated film Next Gen at Cannes

12 . May . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Cannes and Netflix have had a rocky relationship. Cannes doesn’t like the fact that Netflix doesn’t release their films in brick and mortar cinemas, Netflix doesn’t like the idea that someone isn’t embracing streaming.

So, there’s been a standoff between them for a while, with Netflix skipping the entire Cannes jamboree this year. However, while Netflix films aren’t in the competition, their acquisition team is there and working full throttle – beginning with acquiring rights for Next Gen. the film is an animated, robot film and has characters voiced by Micheal Pena, Jason Sudekis, David Cross, Kitana Turnbull and Constance Wu.

This could be a thawing of the Netflix Cannes relationship. The audiences have embraced Netflix, but some film makers – legendary ones at that – have questioned what Netflix is doing to the film industry at large. Truth be told, there are still some films that are worthy of a cinematic experience and there’s no way Netflix can give that to audiences, short of buying real estate and setting up their own theaters – and rumours about just that are doing the rounds.