5 Iconic women characters that will inspire you this International Women’s Day

08 . Mar . 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this digital age, binging on web series has become the new normal. With the rise of OTT services, binge watching and marathons have become easier than ever. This weekend, why not pick a show with a strong woman lead? Ahead of International Women’s Day, here is a list of a few bold women characters that you can relate to and get inspired from as well. These women are strong and invincible and showcase relentless faith in their aspirations and goals in life.

Kavya from Little Things     

Kavya (Mithila Palkar) won over everyone with her simplicity and honesty. She is independent, strong, and a little sensitive but also passionate about everything she does. Her wit, charm, and her ability to take on whatever challenges life throws at her make her a relatable character with millennials.

Sakshi from Operation MBBS

Sakshi played by Anshul Chauhan in Dice Media’s Operation MBBS Season 1 and the upcoming season 2, cannot be ignored. Portraying a girl from a humble background, who fought against all odds to make it into medical college, Sakshi’s journey is heartwarming, and inspiring, as she makes her way through medical college on her journey towards becoming a doctor.

Dimple from Mismatched

Complex, ambitious, and fighting off childhood insecurities. If this sounds relatable, then Dimple from Mismatched might be your on-screen soul sister. A college student who is also an app developer and gaming champion, Dimple manages to win hearts with the antics that follow when she is infamously set up with Rishi, a complete mismatch.

Anjana from 4 More Shots Please

Anjana is a successful lawyer and a divorced mother and she is determined to face all the struggles that life throws at her. In 4 More Shots Please, she is seen trying to balance her personal and professional life as a single mother while smashing stereotypes along the way.

Shikha from The Test Case

Captain Shikha Sharma’s story in The Test Case is inspiring, and moving. She is the first woman to be enrolled in the Indian Army’s Special Armed Forces unit. In an all-male unit, her story traverses her struggle to make her presence felt among her fellow soldiers.

If you haven’t watched these inspiring women, then now is the time!