IMDb on The Scene: Pitta Kathalu Stars Decode their Characters from the Anthology, and Share their Favourite Netflix picks

26 . Mar . 2021
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Life has profound layers, and the nuances create the recently released Nag Ashwin, B.V. Nandini Reddy, Tharun Bhascker and Sankalp Reddy directed anthology series Pitta Kathalu. IMDb recently caught up with stars  from the anthology – Lakshmi Manchu, Saanve Megghana, Eesha Rebba and Amala Paul to discuss the powerful characters they played on screen.

 Upon being asked what was going on in her character’s mind at the end of the story, Lakshmi Manchu, who plays the role of Swaroopa Akka said, “I just wanted to be unapologetic. I had one agenda. You can’t put me down. I can have an ambition just like you…and Lakshmi Manchu had to go through that to be an actor, in a man’s world, especially coming from the family that I do. ‘Girls don’t do this. Only boys become heroes.’ I didn’t want to be right or wrong, I just wanted to be unapologetic. And true to the character of what she believed.”

 Saanve Megghana,who plays the role of Ramula, said, “What happens very often in urban cities whenever we go through breakups or depression, or mental health problems or anything, we seek help and get it. It can be attained easily. But, in rural areas it is not like that. It is just a dead-end for them. They have to face society if something happens. Leave society, they have to face their family members. So they can’t take it. That’s something that has to be changed is what I feel”, in connection to her character in the film.

 On the topic of their favourite Netflix shows, actress Eesha Rebba said The Old Guard, Money Heist and Schitt’s Creek, enthusiastically. Whereas Saanve Megghana, Lakshmi Manchu and Amala Paul said The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown and Black Mirror respectively.

Pitta Kathalu follows the stories of four women, and their individual experiences with love. But what all of them have in common, is their intention to smash the patriarchy.