Exclusive Interview with Anshul Chauhan over web series Operation MBBS

17 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We get in touch with Anshul Chauhan over her web series ‘Operation MBBS‘ produced by Dice Media.

 You played a talkative, Marathi girl in Operation MBBS by Dice Media , then played this bindaas girl Rashmi in Taj Mahal 1989 by Netflix? How has it been transitioning and shaping yourself to act in both these roles?

Both the characters of Rashmi in Taj Mahal and Sakshi in MBBS are poles apart. And both of them are not really close to what I am as a person. I had to forget every bit of Rashmi to get in Sakshi’s character. Thankfully I have had very supporting directors who have helped me shape both the characters equally well.


How was your experience shooting for Operation MBBS? Why should viewers watch this show? 

I had the most amazing time on MBBS set. We had so much fun shooting for this one, and I am sure the viewers will connect to it coz the energies were just right even off the camera. And I believe that energies travel through the screens to the audience’s heart.


To grow up the ladder and be a successful actor, do you think films are the only way? Tell us your views on the other upcoming platforms too like web-series and more?

In today’s time one can’t say that films are the only way to become a successful actor. This is an important and a great time for artists to be in. With web, there are increased opportunities and if one has got the talent, there is no power in the world that can stop him from growing. Audience does acknowledge good talent. 


Operation MBBS is all about the journey to students aspiring to become a doctor? When did you decide your career and realized your calling was acting ? Any experiences to share? 

I was always inclined towards performing arts. It’s in my college where I realized that I have to pursue acting. I got through Kirori Mal college, DU through ECA(extra-curricular quota) where I auditioned for the dramatic’s society (The Players).


What are the other projects that you’re working on?

I am looking at a couple of scripts, but haven’t finalized anything yet. You will know soon.