Exclusive Interview with Sarah Hashmi on Operation MBBS

12 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We get in touch with Sarah Hashmi over her web series ‘Operation MBBS’ produced by Dice Media.

  1.      You recently won your first Filmfare award for Bebaak; how was your experience shooting for Bebaak? Any learnings for the young actors?

Bebaak was a wonderful experience. I was working with the best from the industry and because it was a short format, and I was the protagonist I was able to watch and learn all the processes from close proximity. The medium of short films is very hard hitting yet equally challenging. You have to work with limited resources and yet be able to make a masterpiece. I think we achieved that and I’m proud of it. For the young actors, don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking on your door, get out there and start shooting. Hit and trial will make you ace your craft.

  1.      In Operation MBBS, you play Huma, a bright-spirited studious girl – what prompted you to take up this role in particular and not any other?

We think that being studious and good at studies comes easy to certain people but that’s not the case, it takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication to be the topper in the class and not be tempted by the vices that surround you when you’re in college. I wanted to explore that side as I’ve never been a studious kid all my life. That’s the reason why I chose Operation MBBS.

  1.      Tell us more about Operation MBBS and why did you choose this project?

My first web series ‘Not fit’ was with Dice Media itself, and we had been trying to work together again ever since then but something or the other didn’t work out. When I did Not Fit, the company had just begun and it was starting to make noise. The company has grown so much and I have also grown as an actor. It felt like coming back home.

  1.      What inspires you as an actor?

Great scripts, directors and actors inspire me. If I watch anything good, I want to be a part of it. I hate losing out on good scripts and projects. It’s very tough for me to say no to a project. Every script has potential, it might or might not suit the actor at a given time but I feel it can be made great with the right kind of people and I would love to be involved in that process of making it right and taking it to great heights.

  1.      The web has opened up new vistas for both; actors and viewers. What genres do you find most exciting? Do you see more or less of these?

Yes it’s a great time to be a creative person. You can use it to your benefit and make great content with it. The genres that I bend towards are drama, mystery and crime. And yes that’s what I watch as well. The layers and the depths interest me and I guess I get attracted towards them. 

  1.      Any new projects you’re working on and would like to share with us?

I’m looking at scripts right now. Let’s see what pans out. Hoping to write something of my own too. Fingers crossed.