“I play a loud and muhfat Marathi girl in Operation MBBS. But, I wouldn’t get the accent right!”, says actor Anshul Chauhan

11 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

From a comical debut in Shubh Mangal Savdhan to a girl who doesn’t like shaving her body hair in Aafat, Anshul Chauhan is that millennial actor who doesn’t shy away from experimenting! In her upcoming web-series, Dice Media’s Operation MBBS, she plays Sakshi, a small town Maharashtrian girl who fights her father’s resentment for her desire to become a doctor and successfully gets into one of India’s best MBBS colleges. Her character is “loud and muhfat” and she often says too much or says the wrong thing.

But her biggest challenge of playing Sakshi was not the dead bodies or the general tense atmosphere of a serious MBBS college. It was getting the Marathi accent right! She says, “Sakshi is a Marathi girl and initially, when I would start speaking, there would be a heavy Delhi accent and I’d keep looking at Praveen Sir, our director, for assurance. I was very conscious. So much so, that I ended up texting my dialogues to all my Marathi friends and they would send me voice notes! But, that didn’t work too because the next challenge was the different Marathi accents – right from Nasik to Mumbai, the accents are so different. Finally, I ended up adopting Praveen Sir’s accent. Since he’s the writer of the show as well, he knows how each line should be delivered and that really helped.


Ready to watch how this small town girl comes in to her own in a prestigious MBBS college? Watch Operation MBBS on Dice Media’s Facebook and YouTube page, started on 22nd February 2020!