Exclusive Interview of Geetanjali Kulkarni about her experiences with the TVF web series, Gullak

16 . Jul . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Geetanjali Kulkarni played the antagonist in the Marathi film Court, and she’s now back as a shrill housewife in the TVF web series, Gullak. We caught up with her to know her experiences working for the streaming industry.

How did you become part of the web series Gullak?

They had seen me in the film Court. The writer thought that I was like his mother. They approached me, but they were still sceptical about my Hindi because I am a Maharashtrian. They wondered whether I had the accent. They decided to do some readings with me and post that they also did some rehearsals with me. I didn’t mind doing rehearsals with everybody because it should look like a family at the end of the day. It shouldn’t look like I am a Maharashtrian playing a Hindi character. They took the decision to go ahead with me after four to five days.

How did you approach your role?

See, I have seen other mothers and women of the house. Nikhil told me that the mother is very shrill. Nikhil told me that mothers are shrill because that’s the only way the other family members listen to them, otherwise, they don’t have a voice. Even if there’s a decision to be taken, the others take the initiative and then they take the decision. That’s the input given to me by the writers and that’s how I played the character.

How was your experience working with TVF?

TVF has such good, talented and young people with them, it’s a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

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How was your experience with Nikhil Vinay, the writer?

When he came to us, the script was ready, but he was very passionate about it. He used to read out the script for us. Every character was so clear in his mind, because they belonged to this world that he had created. We were thinking, how can we match his vision? He knew all his characters, and he knew them pitch perfect. He is a well-read person. He comes from a very different background and he’s bringing that to the screen. I think he will come up very good scripts.

Who’s your favorite character in the series?

My favourite character is Jameel’s the father. It’s interesting how his life is entirely different. Maybe he was expecting something else in his life, but nothing has happened.

What made you say yes to the series?

I selected to do this series because of the first few lines of the series – you keep your underwear out everyday – I have seen men not washing their underwear. So many of my friends will also connect with this. It is these small matters that drew me to the web series.

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Are you game for a second season?

The second season is very natural and evolving. I am keen on doing the second part of the series. Gullak is about incidents, there’s no need for a connectivity here – the family is the connection, so that can be done easily.

Gullak is now streaming on the SonyLIV platform.