TVF Original Gullak Review : It will have you call your parents

04 . Jul . 2019
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Since the past two years, horror, sci-fi and sleaze has dominated streaming content. Some content creators are now making series that are slice of life. Much of this slice of life content concentrates on the urban lives and first world problems. But TVF has recognised the requirement for nostalgic, light viewing. Their first series with this concept was Home. Now, it brings Gullak, on the SonyLIV platform. Here’s our complete review of the TVF web series, Gullak.

Gullak is about a family staying in the North of India, the Mishra family comprising of the husband, Santosh Mishra, wife, Shanti Mishra, and their two sons. The elder son, Annu is a civil engineer and trying for a Government job, while the younger son, Aman is still studying. The father works with the electricity department and the wife is a home-maker – creating a blueprint for the middle-class families of India.

What’s WowThe ongoing in the miniseries is what can be termed as the everyday life of a family in India. That’s a refresher from any of the big ticket, big scenario webseries that we are looking at today. The performances by everyone in the cast is so painfully real that the audience wants to go ahead and give them a hug. It’s difficult to point out who does a better job or which character is more important. In fact, this is one of the few web series that have all the central characters in almost all the scenes – something like the old television serials we used to see back in the 80s and the 90s.

But under all that, Gullak makes a very strong statement, that one swallow doesn’t a summer make. In other web series, whether a character is negative or positive is judged by their traits. Someone eats   kind of food, that’s negative. Another drinks, that’s another negative. Someone uses homophobic slurs in their speech, that’s another negative. In Gullak however, the aspect that these things are cultural imbibes that many are not intellectually woke enough to shake off is right out there.

That’s not the only message Gullak gives – it also tells us that the second-tier towns and the mohallas have more life in them than any highrise we’ll ever come across.

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This series should be a cause celebre for everyone involved. Jameel Khan, seen earlier on the fringes of the Gangs of Wasseypur main cast is a marvel. Nikhil Vijay, the writer, has successfully broken out of the standup and comedy trope with this.

What’s Blah : Absolutely nothing

Parting Shot : Gullak will have you call your parents on a nostalgic note.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Harsh Mayar

Director: Amrit Raj Gupta

Writer: Nikhil Vijay

Watch the trailer here :