Exclusive Interview of ANU MENON about her stand up debut with the Amazon Prime Original, Wonder Menon

24 . Jun . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Anu Menon, the Lola Kutty of the nineties is back as Wonder Menon, with a one hour stand up routine on Amazon Prime. TDH got in touch with Anu Menon, to know about her journey from a VJ to a theatre artiste to a stand up talent.

How did Wonder Menon happen?

It was my management’s call. They said that it is time I work on a one hour special. We worked backwards after that and that is how Wonder Menon came into being. I had made some notes about a stand-up routine here and there.

What’s the core content of Wonder Menon?

I am a story-based comedian. So, the product here is about the incidents involving me, my family, my husband, and my children. There was some cutting of stuff because that didn’t sit well with the concept of the stand up.

Did stage prepare you for a stand up career?

The stage is my home and stand up was an extension of my stage life. I would have started out earlier, but I became pregnant when I was about to start it all. So, I had to give it more time.

How different is stage form stand up?

In theatre, you are playing a character. In stand up, you are playing the closest version of yourself. When it came to stand up, my first challenge was just being Anu on stage. I had never actually been her on stage.

Why Amazon Prime and why not your own YouTube channel?

For me, it’s a great platform. Also, it’s a one stop shop when it comes to Indian stand up specials. I am very good company. Amazon Prime is home to the pioneers of stand-up comedy in India. So, it’s just up and up for me.

Any plans of bringing Lola Kutty to the streaming platforms?

You’d need to ask that to the online platforms. I’d be very excited to bring Lola Kutty to a whole new generation who had no idea who Lola Kutty is.

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What do you think happened to TV?

They say TV killed the radio star, so it’s maybe karma. You see, everything is evolving. If you think about it, I can watch Wonder Menon anytime on Amazon Prime. Streaming gives me such flexibility, it will obviously be the way of the future. I know a lot of people who don’t own a television and don’t have a DTH connection. For them, they don’t need to watch TV any longer. In India, especially, we get so much of content for the amount that we pay.

What’s next for you?

Amazon Prime has all my material. I am writing new material now, which is fun. I will also be doing a new play, rehearsals for that will start in July.

Anu Menon’s Wonder Menon is now streaming on Amazon Prime.