5 Memorable Streaming Characters from Indian Content Creators

06 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

There’s been a huge influx of content on streaming platforms since last year. Earlier, we had foreign channels with their iconic characters. Within a year, we have a whole homegrown streaming industry. Undoubtedly, these web series have memorable characters – characters that remain with us long after the series is over. Here’s a list of 5 memorable streaming characters that we met in 2018.

#1 Bhaisaab (Inside Edge) (Amazon Prime): This character hasn’t yet entered the fray, but somehow, each scene of the series had his eerie presence. That’s because he plays the ultra-powerful, mysterious character who has an iron grip on so many lives. Bhaisaab was hinted at, in the middle of the series and by the end of the series, the power that he possessed was for everyone to see.

#2 Katekar (Sacred Games) (Netflix): Everyone loves Katekar – and we are sure many people felt genuinely when his character was killed off. Katekar evolves from being the director’s tool to give the audience a viewing angle to someone who has a very important role in the series. Jitendra Joshi, who has earlier been part of theatre as well as Marathi films brought his distinct style to the take the character much ahead.

#3 Ghoul (Ghoul) (Netflix): Netflix gave he go ahead for Blumhouse and Phantom to come together for Indian horror and we got Ghoul. Writer Patrick Graham creates a character who’s deeply rooted in Indian and Arabic mythology but is still besmirched with all the issues that a modern India faces.  One of the few horror characters who have a believable backstory, which only makes him more terrifying.

#4 Kukoo (Kubra Sait) (Netflix): This article is going live on the day the Supreme Court decriminalized homosexual sex. A majority of Indian audiences were reintroduced to transsexuals and homosexuals with Kukoo. Kudos to the writers of Sacred Games who brought life into a cliched character.

These are the four memorable characters from the world of Indian streaming who have made a place for themselves with the Indian audience. Have an addition, tell us in the comments section!