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04 . Oct . 2018
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It’s probably fairly unoriginal but I recently finished watching Sharp Objects.

It was very good, not one of my absolute favourites but nowadays for something to hold one’s attention it has to be outstanding and this certainly was a binge-watch for me.

I thought it was exemplary for having a very clear central character. Her problems were relatable, understandable and clearly depicted from the very first scene. On the surface was a simplicity to the presentation of her character and underneath layers of complexity. Too often I’ve encountered a lack of clarity when it comes to creating a character and a clear, satisfying, character arc.

On top of that, I loved the innovative and stylistic way they effortlessly interwove visions from the past and flashbacks. It was a standard trope, but done with panache and originality. There are a lot of writers out there that would do well to take note.
Other Series 
I’m really enjoying The Night Manager, just because it’s like James bond for adults. Extremely entertaining and well written in an old fashioned kind of way. Though why Amazon Prime chooses to censor it’s content I just CANNOT understand or tolerate.