Exclusive interview with Veer Rajwant Singh over ‘What the Folks’ Season 3

31 . Oct . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

1 – How has the response been from the audience towards your character in ‘What The Folks’?

The love and warmth received from the audience has always been great! It doesn’t matter which situation Nikhil finds himself in; the audience has been able to understand his dilemma and relate with him. This itself speaks volumes about the writing of the show.

2 – How close/far are you from your reel characters Anita & Nikhil?

To be honest, I am very different from the character of Nikhil. Although, I do relate to the gender traits but unlike Nikhil I do not wait for the situation to get worse.


3- Tell us more about S3 and what different can the audience expect?

Season 3 was more mature in terms of the topics that were spoken about. Since the last episode releases this Saturday, we are eagerly waiting for the audience’s overall reaction to the show.

4 – Share your experience working with Renuka Shahane

It’s always surreal to know that I got to play the son of one of India’s most loved character from the classic ‘Hum Aapke Hai Koun’. It has been an absolute pleasure and an honor to share screen space with her and I am always looking forward to meet her!


5 – Share one of your most memorable scene / moment from the last two seasons?

My most memorable scene from the last two seasons was the fight between my character and Shreya (Kriti Vij). It was a lengthy scene and I was pumped with all the adrenaline rush, so the scene came out really well and looked natural.

6- You play a millennial couple on the show, is there any learning that has stayed with you from a marriage perspective?

Honestly, I was just playing Nikhil’s part and there is no learning as such that has stayed with me. All the situations that Nikhil finds himself in was just about the character, so I personally haven’t learned anything.


7- This season touches upon some new topics like the empty nest syndrome, life after divorce etc; how important is it for filmmakers to bring it out to the audience?

I cannot stress enough on how important it is to speak about these topics as they are prevalent in our society. My personal favorite is the character growth of Sudha (Deepika Amin) and Shreya (Kriti Vij) as they both try to deal with empty nest syndrome and life after divorce, respectively. A lot of millennials who stay away from their family in metro cities will be able to relate to it more; I am also one of them.


8- Share your experience working with Dice Media

Dice Media has been my home since the beginning of what I call my acting journey. The team at Dice Media showed immense trust in me when I needed it the most. I have been associated with Pocket Aces when the team was as small as seven people and to watch it grow to more than 300 people is amazing! It has been one rollercoaster ride and I am extremely grateful for this.