Netflix and Red Chillies Entertainment’s The Bard Of Blood disappoints!

28 . Sep . 2019
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Based on the book The Bard of Blood by Bilal Siddiqi and presented by Netflix and Red Chillies Entertainment, The Bard of Blood is a series about four intelligence agents being kidnapped by the Taliban and the Indian intelligence Wing’s (IIW) action, or lack thereof to save them.

Isha (Sobhita Dhulipala) is an analyst at the Indian intelligence wing (IIW), who reports to Sadiq (Rajit Kapoor). Sadiq is answerable to Arun Joshi, chief of IIW. Arun Joshi, IIW Chief is absolutely fine with the kidnapped agents never returning to India, and is more about the answers he needs to give than their well-being, while Sadiq isn’t. When Sadiq becomes privy to some critical information, he is murdered.

Kabir joins hands with Isha, Sadiq’s trusted intelligence agent, and an undercover agent Veer (Viineet Kumar Singh), forgotten by the agency, who escapes from Taliban in Afghanistan to help them out. His incentive is his safe return to India. Little does Veer know that he is about to be part of an unauthorized mission. Despite his reluctance to go to Balochistan, Kabir is forced to do so to rescue the agents from Taliban chief Mullah and his son Aftab (Asheish Nijhawan).

Jannat Marri (Kirti Kulhari Sehgal), sister of BAF leader Nusrat Marri (Abhishekh Khan) who has been fighting the war for Balochistan’s freedom from Pakistan, plays Kabir’s lost love. He asks her for BAF’s help in freeing the agents, citing a common enemy as the reason for the same. It is only later that she realizes that the scheming Tanvir Shehzad (Jaideep Ahlawat) of ISA who she interacts with, is the one who changed Kabir’s and her life, changing the course of their future forever.

Kabir has unhealed wounds and The Bard Of Blood is about him doing all he can to find the man responsible for him losing his friend and colleague Vikramjeet (Sohum Shah) who died in a botched operation and Kabir facing a disgraceful exit from IIW for the same.

What’s Wow: Excellent work by the DOP. The connivance of Taliban, ISA (Pakistan’s agency) and the Pakistani government is boldly portrayed

What’s Blah: The trio find many abandoned houses at one place in Kech, where Taliban is present, and pick one as their safe house. The reason why those houses were empty isn’t mentioned anywhere.

Why would the undercover agent Veer not have a handler and why would he be a forgotten warrior on the field, and that too, for years?

After Shehzad dies, Kabir gives his phone to an analyst at IIW, but when he is not able to switch the phone on, Kabir tells him that there might not be anything important on it anyway. How can he spend 7 episodes of a series looking for someone who affected his life in such a big way, and not care about what is on his phone?

There is one scene where Isha simply walks out, of a place where she had been kept by Talibanis, into the outdoors where there is continuous exchange of fire. She then casually picks up an AK47 next to a fallen Talibani and starts firing.

Parting Shot: Can be given a miss!

Cast & Crew: 

Cast: Emraan Hashmi (Kabir Anand), Viineet Kumar Singh (Veer Singh), Sobhita Dhulipala (Isha Khanna), Jaideep Ahlawat (Tanveer Shehzad), Rajit Kapur (Sadiq Sheikh)

Writer: Mayank Tewari

Created by: Bilal Siddiqui & Gaurav Verma

Director: Ribhu Dasgupta

Editor: Antara Lahiri

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