Short Film Review : New Born Mother deals with post partum

11 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Swati Semwal has done some impressive work before, and she brings a new short film to streaming audiences – New Born Mother. The short film stars Pooja Gor and Karan Wahi, and the two play a couple who are expecting.

Around 60 percent of mothers in India experience Post Partum Depression and about 40 percent of all women in the world. Post Partum Depression is yet to be spoken about by mainstream media.

What’s Wow: The short film deals with something that’s rarely handled by content creators – Post Partum Depression. This is a condition that mothers experience after they have newly delivered. The short film uses its short duration to convey the idea in a slick, sharp manner. Swati Semwal brings the problem to the fore in a quick, clean manner that makes the audience think about the concept for at least a while. Karan Wahi and Pooja Gor both do a great job of portraying the changes in the life of a couple who are new parents.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: New Born Mother paints a poignant picture of Post Partum Depression.

Cast: Karan Wahi, Pooja Gor

Director: Swati Semwal

Screenplay: Swati Semwal

Producer: Imran Furniturewala, Swati Semwal

You can watch the short film here: