Short Film Review: Karma Cafe is an interesting concept with good execution

20 . Mar . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amol Gupte and Nakul Sahdev star in a short film that uses a fantasy trope to tell an important life lesson. The concept is common, and you will have seen it on the social networks by now. However, a good execution makes it a decent watch.

Nakul Sahdev plays Alif. a young man who’s recently broken up with his girlfriend. He reaches Karma Cafe, a strange café with just one employee, Darpan, played by Amol Gupte.  When Alif orders a dish, the dish is bad to taste, and he demands to meet the chef. That’s when the story unravels.

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What’s Wow: The short film has an interesting concept. Amol Gupte and Nakul do a good job of enacting their characters. The screenplay has several things in place. It tells about how every story has multiple aspects and it depends on what the narrator wants to put across. It’s a three-character story, with two main ones. It’s difficult to portray a story with such a small canvas, but Gupte and Nakul do a good job.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: Karma Cafe has an interesting concept.

Cast & Crew :

Cast: Amol Gupte, Nakul Sahdev

Director: Kabeer Khurana

Producer: Hamara Movie

You can watch the short film here :