Short Film Glitch Review: It is Time Travel Fantasy Done Right

20 . Apr . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Time travel has interested content creators since a long while. Several films related to time travel have hit theatres and we now have a short film based on that concept – that’s made by Terribly Tiny Talkies. Here’s our complete review of the short film, Glitch.

A young boy comes home and is surprised to see that his family members aren’t around. Soon, he realises that something is amiss – he is stuck in a time travel loop.  The why, the what and the how forms the rest of the story.

What’s Wow : Shubham Yogi creates a warm, innocent story that’s strictly from the young boy’s perspective. That kind of innocence and warmth is needed to make a complicated concept like time travel relatable and look realistic. Kabir Shaikh once again aces in his role of a young boy stuck in a situation that’s confound even many grown-ups. Glitch is a sweet story about relations wrapped in a covering of sci-fi – and works well for the ever-evolving audience.

What’s Blah : Nothing

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Parting Shot : Glitch is a sweet, warm short film that’s a must watch

Cast & Crew :

Cast: Kabir Shaikh, Mona Singh, Faisal Rashid, Vinita Joshi, Narendra Jetley

Writer and Director: Shubham Yogi

Producers: Anuj Gosalia, Viacom18 Motion Pictures

Watch the movie here: