Netflix The Spy Review : It is a gripping, if grim history lesson that we should know learn

10 . Sep . 2019
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We have seen Ramboesque spies for quite a while now. These spies blow up buildings, do away with the baddies and survive. Therefore, it becomes important that someone comes up with stories of real spies doing real things – the things that are available as information over on the information websites. So, we have the Netflix Miniseries original, The Spy. The Spy is the story of the Israeli spy, Eli Cohen, who lived in Syria for most of his life and went on to join the Government as a minister. He was finally found and hanged publicly. Here’s our complete review of the Netflix mini-series.

Eli Cohen is a young Jew who says yes to an opportunity with the Mossad, thinking about the financial retribution. However, soon, he is embroiled into spying in Syria, one of Israel’s toughest enemies. For four years, he climbs through the ranks and does what a spy does – until he is apprehended one day.

Eli Cohen has been termed a ‘superspy’, because of the kind of and the amount of intelligence that he brought to the table. It’s said that his work helped Israel win the Six Days War. That story now comes to Netflix, facts and all.

What’s WowSasha Baron Cohen does a wonderful job of bringing the story of Eli Cohen to the screen. His transition from an actor in comedy films to someone portraying a real-life individual is incredible. Sasha plays the role with elan. He is followed well with a tight screenplay that moves from scene to scene with lightning speed.

The series does a good job of telling the entire story, and unravels Eli’s professional grown, the strains caused because of that in his personal life. What is also does well is paint a non-rosy picture of the life of a spy and the people who control them, in this case the Mossad.

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What’s Blah : Nothing

Parting Shot : The Spy is a gripping, if grim, lesson in history we should all know.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Sasha Baron Cohen, Hadar Ratzon Rotem, Yael Eitan
Creator: Gideon Raff
Director: Max Perry, Gideon Raff

Watch the trailer here :