Netflix Original Secret Obsession Review : It Is As Lame As The Victim

23 . Jul . 2019
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Netflix is coming up with a lot of content – a lot of diverse content. One of Netflix’s favourite genre is crime thrillers and the Big N absolutely devours any concept that even has a hint of crime. So, we have Secret Obsession, a thriller starring Brenda Song and Mike Vogel. Here’s our complete review.

Secret Obsession begins with a woman running away from a stalker/killer. She has an accident and wakes up in the hospital. Her husband then picks her up and starts her simple recuperation and rehabilitation. Even as she is getting accustomed to her life, she finds out a terrifying truth. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

What’s Wow : Nothing

What’s Blah : First off, audiences are now saturated of the bad husband/bad boyfriend stories. Almost every streaming platform has one, either in the form of a web series of a feature film that’s streaming. Be that as it may, Secret Obsession has nothing new to offer to audiences. The film is on a streaming platform, so there’s no rating issue. So, it boggles the mind why director Peter Sullivan decides to keep most of the gory action either out of camera or not there at all. What could have been a juicy psychological slasher film seems like a bad Holiday movie that’s gone wrong. The characters are little more than a sketch, so the audience never really connects.

Even the antagonist, Russel Williams, doesn’t really have a reason for doing whatever he’s doing –unless you want every college romance gone sour to be the subject of a slasher film. That’s mainly because the scriptwriters intently create a completely positive ‘final girl’, Jennifer Williams. It’s confusing to see how scriptwriters Kraig Wenman and Peter Sullivan still rely on complete black and white characters for a film that’s about to be viewed by some of the most paying audiences in the world.

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Parting Shot : Skip this one

Cast & Crew
Cast : Brenda Song, Mile Vogel, Dennis Haysbert, Ashley Scott, Paul Sloan
Director: Peter Sullivan.
Writer: Kraig Wenman, Peter Sullivan

Watch the trailer here :