Netflix Original Music Teacher Review: It is an even-ended love story

24 . Apr . 2019
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Manav Kaul, Divya Dutta, Amrita Bagchi, Neena Gupta and others come to Netflix with the newest Netflix Original, Music Teacher. The Original film is a nuanced, well written story that’s a coming of age story about love and pining.

Manav Kaul plays Beni, a music teacher who’s returned from Mumbai to his hometown, Shimla. As he returns to his hometown, he must grapple with aspects like the memories of a young female singer, who he had mentored.

His house, meanwhile, is agog with excitement because of his younger sister’s wedding being confirmed. As Beni goes deeper and deeper into his emotions and thoughts, the city is getting ready to welcome his female student, Jyotsna.

What’s Wow Music Teacher is a surprisingly understated film that doesn’t believe in histrionics to portray deep, intense emotions like love. That makes the film very realistic and creates warm, engaging characters. Manav Kaul plays the male protagonist very well and paints a succinct picture of his character – who is not without his flaws.

Music Teacher is a good unravelling of his character – that seems positive, until the very end, when his flaws are revealed in a shocking, single scene. Manav Kaul creates a sympathetic, vulnerable character that’s one of the better written characters today.

What’s interesting about Music Teacher is that none of the characters come across as being weak. Divya Dutta does an excellent job of playing a deserted woman, who pines for love, solace, even sheer company, but wouldn’t want it until the world is a better place.

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Writer/director Sarthak Das Gupta doesn’t meander around on all the problems that Manav’s character is going through. The film takes little note of the financial difficulties that he’s facing, or the professional dissatisfaction that he has. Instead, the film takes a deep dive into how love and longing has enraptured the man.  That’s a take on how the love life of a person has an all-encompassing relevance, making the other problems looks minuscule.

Indian romances have grown by leaps and bounds. The films are not just about two people going against all odds and uniting or reuniting. Today, these films are also about people coming to terms with the gritty knowledge that it isn’t going to work out.

What’s Blah : Nothing

Parting Shot : Music Teacher is a well made modern love story.

Cast & Crew :

Cast: Manav Kaul, Divya Dutta, Amrita Bagchi, Neena Gupta

Writer: Sarthak Das Gupta

Director: Sarthak Das Gupta