MX Original Aani Kay Hava review : It has it right, but is too frothy to matter

17 . Jul . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bollywood content creators have arrived on the streaming platforms, Some Marathi content creators are around, but we still don’t have the pathbreaking web series in Marathi. That could change, with more, fresh Marathi content coming out on streaming platforms. Here’s our complete review of the latest Marathi language web series, Ankhi Kay Hava.

Aani Kay Hava is about a young, urban couple, Jui and Sanket, who have just moved into their new home. As the arranged marriage couple get comfortable in their new home, the series looks at the bitter-sweet nitty gritty that a new couple experiences. The first season (we hope) tackles the everyday of a couple – their first car, the first time they cook food, the first time one of them takes an informed, if overreaching decision, so on and so forth.

What’s WowUmesh Kamat and Priya Bapat have an amazing chemistry that instantly connects with the audience. The ‘little things that matter much’ concept that’s quite a rage on streaming platforms once again works well – that’s partly because of the novelty of being in a Marathi web series. Marathi cinema ha come a long, long way from the Patil assaulting the woman and the village bumpkin saving her concept. Its fresh to see the male putting equal work in the kitchen, if not more – and the more effortless that’s is shown, that’s better.

What’s BlahAudiences will be able to sink into the web series, what with the affable and cherubic couple, but what the series is missing is a deeper connect. Even the simple, warm web series nowadays have a specific amount of drama and that’s missing in this series.

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Parting Shot : Aani Kay Hava is a delightful web series that audiences will sink into.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Umesh Kamat, Priya Bapat

Writer and Director: Varun Narvekar

Watch the trailer here :