In conversation with Abhishekh Khan from Bard Of Blood

05 . Oct . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

We get in touch with Abhishekh Khan who was seen in Bard Of Blood playing the character of Nusrat Marri (Leader of Balochistan Azad Force)

You made your debut with Netflix which is an OTT platform. Do you think OTT platforms are more acceptable for new comers?

Yes, definitely. Also it’s tough to get in, because of the authenticity & accurate need of casting the right people. But at the same time the chances are high because a series has more characters & runtime than a film. And I think OTT platforms can bear a risk of hiring a newcomer for a major part. I’m glad OTT platforms are emerging in our country.

What was your reaction when you were offered this role?

Actually I wasn’t offered the role. I had to go through few auditions & boom!! I was in the BARD OF BLOOD.

Tell us somethings that you did or took reference from in order to get into Nushrat ‘s character ?

Thankfully even before auditioning for bard of blood, I was glued to a Israeli Netflix series called “Fauda”, that really helped me a lot & I started watching a lot of freedom speeches by Balochi leaders. These two were of great help altogether.

What transformation you went through to get into Nushrats role ?

I love this question the most, because a lot went into the transformation. I lost 9kgs exactly to look thin as my character is in the war zone then I got the right amount of tan, but obviously I couldn’t fully achieve the things I wanted to do. But a big thank you to our costume designer Fabeha ma’am. She made us look so authentic & likeable at the same time.

How was your experience working with actors like Emraan Hashmi, Viineet Kumar for the first time ?

A big learning experience. All of them made me very comfortable & helped me throughout the shoot. And I feel privileged to work with all of them. Viineet sir, Emraan sir, Danish sir, Kirti ma’am, Shamaun da, Jaideep bhai & the list doesn’t end. They never behaved like stars & that’s what I’ve learnt from them, to stay grounded.

What is your most memorable moment from the series ?

The very first day of shoot which is actually the introduction scene of “Nusrat”. It was actually 2°c & I had to address a crowd of more than 50-60 people. I can never forget that moment where I looked up to the sky & asked God to give me the strength for the very first shot of my life.

If ever got a chance to work with another actor or actress who would it be and why ?

There’s no answer to this actually, I’m still a newcomer & I don’t think I’m in a position to choose a project in such an early stage of my career.

Audience are appreciating your work till date you are loving the response ?

I’m definitely loving the reactions & it’s overwhelming without a doubt. But the best reaction for me was when my mother cried while watching my first scene & that was indeed very special for me.