FLAMES Season 2 by The Timeliners is a winner all the way

18 . Oct . 2019
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Just when we thought that we had forgotten the 90s and had no reason to go back in time and reminisce probably the most carefree days of our lives, The Viral Fever gave us Yeh Meri Family and the first season of The Timeliners’ FLAMES. While Yeh Meri Family poked at that tiny bubble of memories of summer vacations, mummy’s scolding and secret crushes we had safely ensconced in a safe corner of our hearts, FLAMES showed young romance in all its glory.

The Timeliners has now released the second season of FLAMES with the addition of new characters and seemingly bigger problems. Rajat, Ishita, Gaurav and Anusha are close friends who study at Sunshine Coaching classes and bond over momos. Rajat’s parents and Ishita’s father finally make an entry in the series. In the first season, the only place they had in the series was as mentions in dialogues. Rajat’s parents are demanding, to say the least, and believe that going to IIT should be the ultimate goal of his life, considering the starting pay package. Ishita’s father (Raj Sharma) is an adorable white bearded man who is like a friend to his daughter. There is nothing under the sun that Ishita can’t share with him.

Rajat is an arts loving boy who is being forced to study PCM (Physics Chemistry Maths) by his disciplinarian father, and by extension, his mother, who is a teacher and believes she knows everything about kids. However, as a mother who has her child’s best interest at heart, she is seen gravitating towards what will make her son happy. Ishita’s beautiful portrayal of a girl who matures too soon after the loss of her mother and the inevitable changes life brings with it, along with her heart stopping smile, makes every moment watching this series worthwhile.

If we had doubts about the series being set in Delhi, Gaurav, lovingly called Pandu, and Anusha remove it. Pandu loves abusing, with the abuses almost a part of his sentences, like punctuations. They don’t repulse, but amuse. Anusha, Gaurav’s girlfriend, is someone who doesn’t mince words. Chemistry teacher Kaushal sir who owns Sunshine Coaching is seen trying his best to ensure he pays the rent for the coaching classes on time without placing the financial burden on his students. He has a conscience and genuinely cares for his students. Though his jokes end up being childish, he strives to connect with the kids and be a good teacher.

The second season of FLAMES reminds us, with each wonderful scene, that good content does not need to have bucketloads of money splurged on it. All you need is a good story, actors who get under the skin of their respective characters and a crew that puts the together the show with the passion that it deserves.

The series is now streaming on MX Player and TVF Play.

What’s Wow: Ishita’s relationship with her father is a necessity for today’s generation. We call it a model relationship on which all other healthy parent-child relationships should be based.

The scene showing Rajat’s mother’s showdown with Kaushal sir should be a separate video that is sure to go viral…something that all parents need to watch and correct their ways, if they feel they have wandered away from good parenting.

Beautifully written and directed, there is nothing that is forcefully fitted in the series. Hats off to Kunal Aneja and Apoorv Singh Karki, apart from the entire team that put this stellar show together.

Ritvik and Tanya provide relief from some recent half-baked performances we have been witnessing lately. Ritvik’s shy smiles and Tanya’s toothy grin, while effortlessly playing their parts looking like absolute naturals, are a sight for sore eyes. We wish to see them raising the Bollywood bar.

What’s Blah: We tried hard to find a flaw, but could not.

Parting Shot:

BINGE WATCH IT, this weekend!

Cast & Crew: 

Cast: Ritvik Sahore (Rajat), Tanya Maniktala (Ishita), Sunakshi Grover (Anusha), Shivam Kakkar (Gaurav Pandey), Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish (Kaushal Sir), Neelu Dogra (Rajat’s mother), Purnendu Bhattacharya (Rajat’s father), Raj Sharma (Ishita’s father)

Director: Apoorv Singh Karki

Creative Producer: Akansh Gaur

Executive Producer: Sameer Saxena

Associate Director: Himali Shah

Writer: Kunal Aneja

Editor: Rishab Malhotra

Music: Lalit Pandit

Watch the trailer here