Exclusive Interview with Rohan Shah over India’s first Instagram series ‘Firsts’

06 . Feb . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We get in touch with the digital rising star Rohan Shah over his upcoming series by Dice Media which would be India’s first Instagram series ‘Firsts‘.

1 – The audience has seen you on screen since you were a child actor. From ads to web-series how has the journey been so far?

Every medium taught me something, whether it’s TVC’s, TV show, theater, YouTube sketches, web shows or movies. Our obligations might differ depending on the medium, however an actor is an actor, I’ll act where I get a good opportunity.

2 – Which medium do you enjoy working the most Film / Web Series / Short Film / Ad Film . Why?

Films as I get the preparation time to explore the character and script the most. Web series too gives me that but I’d love to see myself on big screen.

3 – How was your experience working with Apoorva Arora?

We have worked together many times before and we share a very comfortable vibe now. Our energies together on screen are amazing. 

4 – Tell us more about ‘Firsts’ and how much did you relate to it?

I went back to become this 15 year old boy in love and I felt so much in love and happy. That reflected off screen too. When my friends met me after the shoot they acknowledged I look like a kid again. Technically it was a different process shooting Firsts because we had the limitation of making a 1min episode for Instagram. It was experimental but Nayana (our director) and Pranav ( the Writer) did a fine job to put things together. 

5 – Tell us your most memorable scene from ‘Firsts’ and how was the shooting experience?

We were doing this scene where Apoorva and I spoke for hours on phone and I remember I felt exactly like how I used so feel when I spoke to my girlfriend when I was 15. I was red, blushing, excited and dancing even after packup and went home jumping and giggling.

6 – Why should people tune in to watch ‘Firsts’?

Because I guarantee you that after watching firsts they will fall in love for the first time again. It’s all heart. 

7 – Share your experience working with Dice Media?

Dice now feels like home. I’m at my most comfort when I work with Dice Media