Exclusive Interview of director Goldie Behl, about his web-series REJCTX streaming on ZEE5

25 . Jul . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Goldie Behl is back on the streaming bandwagon with Rejctx, the web series on ZEE5. We caught up with the director to get his idea of the streaming beat and what he thinks is the future of entertainment in India.

What’s Rejctx for you?

For me, it’s a way of expressing how the current generation reacts. Indian kids are now global citizens. It is set in a global school. These kids aren’t rejected any longer. For me, it’s overcoming rejection and taking rejection in a positive manner.

What was your thought behind Rejctx?

I did a television show, many years ago, Remix. I thought that that generation has now grown up. There’s nothing for this generation of kids to connect to, like they did to Remix. My kid and nephew are teenagers now, so I gauged what kind of content they like. Hopefully, they will like this as well.

Where does Rejctx stand as a web series about students?

Even with Remix, it was stylished, but it was also real – that’s the same thing with Rejctx as well. This is about students of an elite school with problems that money can’t solve. The series is real but talks about a strata that isn’t easily accessible. It is aspiration for most but real for some.

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How was your experience working with the diverse cast?

There was a lot of learning for me too. I needed great patience levels – to launch seven faces. It reminded me of what I was when I was beginning my career. The prep, the readings and all that helped. I think, even on the shoot, it was all about how to face the camera and how to act for the camera. So, going through all that with the younger cast was brushing up on my skills as well.

How was it working with Sumit Vyas and Kubbra?

Kubrra and Sumit are extremely talented, they are the stars of the web. They are new age stars. My craft was contemporised as well, working with them. It was a great combination of newcomers and experienced people.

Tell us about the music of the web series.

We have ten to fifteen songs in the series, almost every episode has a song, there’s band rehearsals, so on and so forth.

Where do you see the streaming platforms five years from now?

It is a restructuring of the entertainment platforms at the moment. I think over time, things will change. Giants will take over the smaller ones, there will be a consolidation of the market, there will be new players who come in.  The old players will need to reinvent themselves.

What’s your take on the viral videos?

That’s a special gift. I don’t have that gift, or at least I haven’t explored it. There are several people who do what I call a one-person project.  For example, a person like Bhuvan has incredible talent, I follow him. Those operations and situations are very different. That is the present and the future in a lot of ways. I still belong to the fiction category. I can’t see myself shooting a viral video. I choose to the lead the crew life.

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What’s your take on TikTok?

The biggest thing that TikTok has taught me is that we should hold on to who we are. They are doing what they are. I won’t be able to do what they are able to do. I should stick to do what I can do, and I should do it the best.

What’s next for you?

I have a couple of ideas. Let’s see if I get someone to risk their money on it.

Rejctx streams on ZEE5.