Amazon Bhoot Chaturdashi Review : It is a Fresh Addition to Horror Genre

11 . Jul . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The horror genre is tired. Content producers are therefore adding anything and everything under the sun and the moon and beyond to cater to a captive, interested audience – comedy being the latest addition. While that’s working, there’s little available for the hardcore horror fans, the ones who switch off the lights to watch a horror film. Thankfully, regional cinema is still around and is now coming to the streaming beat with their films. This is the complete review of one such film, Bhoot Chaturdashi.

Bhoot Chaturdashi starts with an old premise – four friends, two couples, decide to shoot a documentary in a village that has a haunted house. One of the couples is just going with the flow while the other couple is the actual one interested. As the quartet move through the night, they find out a grotesque secret that doesn’t just shake them, it very well might just kill them.

What’s Wow : Bhoot Chaturdashi starts right off the bat and keeps the tempo right until the end. There’s not a moment wasted in creating the environment – that’s because the basic premise is so relevant that the audience will at least stick around for a while. The performances are good, audiences will connect with the four leads. Shabbir Mallick does a good job of bringing the intensity of the story to the screen.

What’s BlahBhoot Chaturdashi impresses the audiences right in the beginning. Taking the name of a big, well known family in the script, audiences were waiting for a mind-blowing concept and execution. That unfortunately doesn’t happen all through the film. Audiences looking for a hardcore experience might not be very happy, but this is a fresh new endeavour.

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Parting Shot : Bhoot Chaturdashi is a fresh new addition to the horror genre.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Aryann Bhowmik, Ena Saha, Deepsheta Mitra

Director: Shabbir Malick