ALTBalaji Original Review: Puncch Beat is a KO punch to logic

15 . Feb . 2019
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  • ALTBalaji web series Puncch Beat disappoints

ALTBalaji launched two web series on Valentine’s Day. One was Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai Season 2 and Puncch Beat. If there’s ever a confusing decision, its about creating content that’s set in a high-profile school. Apart from Student of the Year, none of such films have worked. Before that. The most memorable series set in a school was Banegi Apni Baat – but that’s decades ago. Puncch Beat is ALTBalaji testing the waters with another series based in a school. Here’s our review.

The series is about a bunch of students who come to study in a high-profile school. With that, there are several characters, like the school principal, a teacher, who’s also the aunt to two of the female students and some other students who form the rest of the cast.

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What’s Wow: Nothing.

What’s Blah: ALTBalaji has tried time and again to bring to us content that’s set-in schools, but none of them have hit the mark. With Puncch Beat, the very concept of logic is thrown out the door. At least till the first four episodes, there’s not a single scene or story arc that’s about the students doing what they have come to the school for – to study.

Instead, you get a rip off the iconic Main Hoon Na scene, in bad CGI, as well. The creator Vikas Gupta has decided to add everything that he thinks works for the youth – boxing, dancing, sex, and all that. For some same reason, the hall is decked with flags of the school house that’s very reminiscent of Harry Potter.

The performances are strictly TV and the screenplay and dialogue writers make it a point to misuse every pop culture reference – like an aunt is called Bose Deekee. It was funny in 2011, not today.  Coming to the characters, 13 episodes is a lot, and the creators could have worked towards adding layers to the characters, but that’s not going to happen in this series.

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But what he decides to ignore is the studying aspect in the life of students. With series like these, streaming platforms alienate their audiences – who spend hours per day studying and preparing for examinations – and not The Sunny Leone project, that’s something that creeps up in the series somewhere in the second episode.

It’s surprising that ALTBalaji commissioned such a series – that’s basically a front for showing a decadent lifestyle, with so much criticism coming up against other sexually fuelled content like Tik Tok from all quarters.

Stay away from this one.

Parting Shot: Puncch Beat is an assault to the senses.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Priyank Sharma, Siddharth Sharma, Khushi Joshi, Harshita Gaur, Kajol Tyagi, Nikhil Bhambri, Krishna Kaul, Mrinmai Kolwalkar.

Director: Suyash Vadhavkar

Writers: Gibran Noorani, Vikas Gupta