A Monsoon Date Review : It is a thought provoking short film

11 . Jun . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to short films, creators mostly go for the humour quotient. That’s safe and caters to a wider audience. However, few film makers have now taken the liberty to tell their audience thought provoking stories that remain with them long after the credits have rolled. Here’s our review of one such short film, A Monsoon Date, available now on ErosNow.

A young woman (Konkona Sen Sharma) is looking out for a date. The short film starts with her going to a date, her experiences with her radio cab partners, and finally, her interaction with her last date. As the short progresses, things about the characters unravel, which change the way the audience looks at the character.

What’s Wow : The short film’s cast and crew includes the who’s who of Bollywood. Tanuja Chandra directs, Konkona Sen Sharma acts, and Gazal Dhaliwal writes. Konkona does a fantastic job of playing the unsure but confident woman. In a sense, Konkona encapsulates the chip on the shoulder, modern person who’s facing urban loneliness like all of us.

What’s BlahThe screenplay could be better. It takes a while for the common audience to get the gist of the film. The cab sequences seem out of place and in hindsight seem to be added to give the short film a livelier vibe.

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Parting Shot : A Monsoon Date is a thought-provoking short film that could have had a better screenplay.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Konkona Sen Sharma, Chittaranjan Tripathy, Priyanshu Painyuli, Prasad Reddy.

Director: Tanuja Chandra

Writer: Gazal Dhaliwal