ErosNow Original Review: Modi – Journey of a Common Man Is Extraordinary

03 . Apr . 2019
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The race for the first content piece based on the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is over. ErosNow has trumped the film that release this week with a web series, Modi – Journey of a Common Man. Umesh Shukla directs the story by Mihir Bhuta and Radhika Anand. Here’s our complete review of the ErosNOw web series, Modi – Journey of a Common Man.

As the title proclaims, this web series about the journey of Narendra Modi, from a young boy in a village to the Prime Minister of India. The web series patches the audience through Modi’s timeline and paints an intriguing picture of the man who would be Prime Minister of India. The various anecdotes show Modi as a principled, empathic person, who doesn’t mind putting a large dose of humour in the everyday aspect of life. There’s no soul in this country who won’t connect the dots between the incidents shown on screen and the political climate in the country today. Two actors, Faizal Khan and Ashish Sharma play the PM, and both do an excellent job of bringing the character to screen.

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What’s Wow: Even if a bit biased, the series finally does the job of getting the Emergency controversy that rocked India in the 70s on screen. The series follows the mercurial rise of Modi in the Emergency background, stopping short of proclaiming that the end of the Emergency was also an achievement.

It’s always refreshing to see public figures through a time-travel lens. So, we have a young Narendra Modi, George Fernandes as never seen before, Lal Krishna Advani in a surprisingly small role -which doesn’t even have a dialogue, so on and so forth.

What’s Blah: Unfortunately, the series isn’t below taking potshots at people who can no longer counter. George Fernandes is no more, so it seems a bit weird that he’s portrayed as a terrorist. These are not our words, the character in the series calls out Fernandes’ plan as an act of terrorism. Further, one of the dialogues – about Advani saying that its not possible and the younger generation getting thing done – seems like a potshot as well.

What’s also worrisome is a criticism that’s very much present in real life as well. The people in power, and people who admire these individuals, don’t want to talk about awkward situations. So, the series that goes through a detailed timeline of the younger Modi takes a sudden jump to showing him disguised as a preacher. The dialogue between the two brothers about the younger Modi being engaged at a young age seems to be another cry for justification.

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While the series wants to be a portrayal of reality, some of the aspects leave the audience wondering about the truth. In one of the shots, the series proclaims, through a newspaper headline, that Kishore Kumar was banned during the Emergency. All other reports say that there was an unofficial ban on Kishore Kumar’s songs being played on public service channels – that’s a big difference. Interestingly, Kishore Kumar lived in fear of Income Tax agents all his life, after he came under their radar.  Another scene in the same episode says that Devanand was harassed for not supporting the Emergency. We have never seen that name typed as Devanand and not Dev Anand.

Parting Shot:  Modi: Journey of a Common Man introduces a generation to India’s history.

Cast & Crew :

Cast: Faizal Khan, Ashish Sharma, Makrand Deshpande, Raju Kher

Director: Umesh Shukla

Writers: Mihir Bhuta, Radhika Anand

Watch the trailer here :