5 Shows that might make you feel better while the Monsoon Hits us Hard!

09 . Jul . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The recent downpour has made it impossible to go anywhere and why bother when you can sit at home and find solace with a steaming cup of hot coco and endless romantic shows to choose from. Something about the weather just makes you want to crawl in bed, (maybe with a significant other) and watch something that gives you a warm cuddly feeling. Here are some shows that will give you just that feeling. You can thank us later, may be when the weather is better.

  1. Little Things Season 2, Netflix

Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal set the right pace for a cute, cuddly rainy-day in. With a romantic story line and characters that understand each aspect of their better half. Little Things is a perfect love story to watch while the clouds battle outside your window.

  1.  FLAMES, TVF –

The innocent little game we played at the back of our books is exactly what this series has. An innocent romance between two teenagers that has a chemical reaction. Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Maniktala set the bar high through a young, budding romance that will take you back to when you first felt the butterflies in your stomach.

  1. Love Lust Confusion Season 2, Viu –

The young and independent Poroma Sarkar has set out on a journey to explore her dreams and desires. Tara Alisha Berry beautifully portrays the millennial confusion of love and lust. With the handsome Gaurav Chopra and Shiv Pandit in question, who wouldn’t wonder if they are in love? The show narrates the tale of every millennials life and makes it a perfect watch on a gloomy, rainy day.

  1. Broken But Beautiful, Alt Balaji- 

We have all had our hearts broken at some point, and we still strive to fall in love again. May be not now, may be right away, but love again. Veer played by Vikrant Massay and Sameera portrayed by Harleen Sethi  is a perfect love story for all those who have loved and lost. The story is an apt mix of emotions and feelings that will make your dull day a bright one.

  1. Hey Prabhu! MX Player

The show is high on millennial content and relatable to most of us. The handsome Rajat Barmecha plays the role of Tarun Prabhu who lives an unbelievable life, from almost getting fired on his second day to being caught by his mother with condoms in his bag. Hey Prabhu! Is a comedy of errors romantic style.