BEBAAKEE, A love saga that’s the talk of the town, makes fans demand a season 2 from makers, ALTBalaji and ZEE5

29 . Dec . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

ALTBalaji & ZEE5 recently dropped the remaining episodes from the first season of one of their most-loved web series – Bebaakee much to the delight of fans who’d been waiting for it since forever. Owing to the sizzling chemistry on screen, the lead trio of Sufiyaan, Imtiaz, and Kainaat, played by Kushal Tandon, Karan Jotwani, and Shivjyoti Rajput, respectively, have gone on to earn a special place in the hearts of their ardent fans. The tangled relationship of love and friendship on-screen was a total win for the viewer, and with the dramatic turn of events in the last episode of season one, fans are now asking for more with what lies in store in this epic love saga? So much so that viewers have taken to social media and are bombarding ALTBalaji’s social media handle, asking them to launch the next season at the earliest.

The last episode of Bebaakee ended with Kainaat finally declaring her love for Imtiaz. What follows is a drastic series of events, which ends with an unfortunate accident. Concluding on such a dramatic ending on such a dramatic note, there’s no prize for guessing that fans want more of the madness! With people asking the same question, we, too, want to know when will we see the second season of Bebaakee?

In a tale of love, passion & madness, Sufiyaan (Kushal Tandon) and Kainaat (Shivjyoti Rajput) are unable to understand whether their love is accompanied by love or hate. Watch on to find more as to what happens to them with the recent turn of events