Wilson Fisk is Back in Daredevil Season 3 trailer, the Netflix Marvel original web series

27 . Sep . 2018
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  • Wilson Fisk is back in Daredevil Season 3
  • Daredevil Season 3 teaser trailer hints at more violence than ever before.

Let’s confess – Wilson Fisk is part of the reason why Daredevil is such a successful web series. Vincent D’Onofrio played the character with such finesse that audiences wanted more of him. he wasn’t around in the second season, but the second season teases his return. In the first season, he was hauled off to prison. The third season teaser shows him in a white room and wearing a completely white suit. So, we aren’t sure whether the series has Fisk as a free bird or someone who is controlling his business empire from behind bars.

If Wilson Fisk is back, the teaser hints at Matt Murdock taking up the Devil’s mantle once again. A bloodied Matt only goes to show that the series will have more of the superb action sequences that the series is known for.

Critics as well as audiences consider the Daredevil series to be the best web series coming out of the Marvel and Netflix partnership. With the third season releasing soon, questions are also being raised about whether this will be the last web series that Marvel and Netflix will bring to audiences, as Marvel’s parent company, Disney, is launching a streaming service soon.

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