While we wait for Amazon Prime Video’s Utopia, here are 5 fantastic John Cusack movies that will simply leave you in awe

08 . Sep . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

An extraordinary artist is one, who can effortlessly showcase a body of work that’s not only diverse and mind numbing, but also one who can tug at our hearts with much ease. Even after 47 years since his first film, Hollywood’s most-favourite actor, John Cusack could easily turn an average role into something that we just can’t get over within just 15 minutes into the film. Such is his charm and impeccable screen presence. From the teenage heartthrob film Sixteen Candles to a neo noir The Grifters, or the Academy nominated fantasy film Being John Malkovich, as well as the popular TV show The Jack Bull and now in the upcoming Amazon Original series Utopia, it is quite an aspiring range of legacy that John has built.

Adapted from the 2013 British series of the same name, Utopia, is a much-anticipated conspiracy thriller with John helming the role of Dr. Kevin Christhie. As we wait to see him as an influential entrepreneur, who has so much more to do with this twisted adventure, here are some of his notably diverse offerings that will take you all the way from rom-coms to thrillers, but keeping your adoration for him will intact if not more –

Say anything – Teen heartthrob

We all remember the iconic scene of the guy in ultra-baggy clothes holding a boombox over the head. Seeing that saw our hearts melt making us wish that someone would someday do that for us. Possibly one of the most-culturally recognized scenes in the history of films, the 1989 movie is one of John’s most iconic teenage rom-coms that will still make us shed a tear or two with its sheer brilliance.

City Hall – Political drama

A suspense filled political drama, a legendary mob-based story that also includes none other than Al Pacino, City Hall is a phenomenal investigative thriller that needs to be on everyone’s watch-list. With charismatic performances and an ambitious project for its 1996 release, the film tries to take a pragmatic outlook towards New York’s crime, power and life overall.

Grosse Pointe Blank – Dark Comedy

Assassin? Check. High School reunion? Check. Weird Combination? Check. This 1997 black comedy film is a perfect, rather intriguing, movie that traverses the journey of a tired hitman, who finds comfort in his childhood friends and sweetheart. While trying to reacquaint with his former life, the narrative holds a twisted faith for our protagonist Martin Blank. Fun fact, John not only was a lead actor in the film, but also co-wrote the screenplay!

Serendipity – Grown up romance

This movie, for better or worse, makes each and every one of us become the hopeless romantic that we essentially are. We all dream of a meet-cute, accidental love that is destined for a forever after, and this 2001 film tops every romantic list ever. The film will leave you with a fuzzy warmth in your heart and a bittersweet smile on your face basically bringing back faith if you’re hoping to find such love.

2012 – Disaster movie

A 2009 American apocalypse film that portrayed the end of the world as we know it. Showcasing the horrors of calamities and natural disasters, this movie rather has a whole new meaning in today’s time. Not to challenge 2020 further, if you know what I mean. John plays a discontented novelist Jackson Curtis, who breaks all hell to try and secure his family in the midst of a depleting humankind.

If this range doesn’t impress you, who knows what will. And if you’re looking for more of this stellar actor, the eight-part series Utopia will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on September 25.