Web Series: Unmarried

27 . Jun . 2018
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PopXo has come out with its very first web series titled Unmarried. The series is about three guys and a girl and their struggle with being unmarried. Kay is the co-founder of a fashion brand, along with Sahil. Chirag is a lovelorn guy who wants to get married, while Abby is a possessive lover.

Things change a lot of all four of them. Sahil has to look for a job and exit the startup, since he wants to settle down in life and needs a stable job for that. This leaves Kay in a lurch. Meanwhile Abby’s life takes a U-turn when his lover cheats on him; Chirag finds love in a girl totally opposite to the girl his family is looking for. The four friends try to deal with the new problems life has given to them.

What’s WOW? The series is timed at approximately 30 minutes per episode, which is a welcome change for web series watchers who are used to being glued to their screens for an hour per episode.

What’s Blah? There’s nothing that will appeal to the audiences in this web series. We have already seen a lot of short format videos that deal about the problems unmarried people face these days. The treatment of the subject is not new. For its very first web series, PopXo could have taken something which has not been seen by the audiences. As the series ends, you don’t feel entertained which is what any entertainment venture aims to do in whichever way.

Parting Shot: Avoid watching Unmarried. There’s nothing new that the series has to offer.

Director: Shashank Pandey

Cast: Jayashree Venketaramanan, Teena Singh, Aashita, Sanjeep Jain, Sanchay Goswami

Unmarried is now streaming on Hotstar.com

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