Ultra Shorts’ short film One By Two is about giving way to the new, without letting go of the old

29 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

One by Two is a short film presented by Ultra Shorts and released on Cheers YouTube channel. Directed by Prathamesh Patil, this short film is all about friendship and words that are unsaid but understood. It is about memories that can never be erased, only new ones can be made.

Lovely (Manjot Singh) and Hardik (Namit Das) are friends who have been living together for years now – four to be exact – according to what Lovely says when he is packing his bags. He is leaving for USA the next day. While Lovely is packing up, Hardik gets him a chilled beer, reminisces the moments they have shared together.

Hardik is not too happy but hides his feelings while guzzling down beer. They make fun of each others’ names. Hardik snatches goodies sent by Lovely’s mom. Lovely even makes fun of the wifi password set by Hardik. Lovely leaves the next day, and Hardik welcomes a new roommate Deepak (Kunal Gupta), who doesn’t take much time in settling in and give the room its much needed warmth, and Hardik, the new target for his pranks.

What’s WOW:

The talks about condoms being discovered by the dad and beer bottles being smuggled to safety, though meant to be funny, have an underlying emotional touch to them.

When Lovely and Hardik hug while parting ways, there are no tears, but one can sense them.

Lovely isn’t home anymore, but is surely not forgotten and that is revealed beautifully towards the end.

What’s Blah:

It’s a beautiful short film. Nothing Blah in it.

Parting Shot:

Keep a tissue handy, if you are a sucker for emotions.

Cast and Crew:

Cast: Namit Das, Manjot Singh, Kunal Gupta

Direction: Prathamesh Patil

Story & Screenplay: Sandeep Balan

Producer: Twilight Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Short Film Link: