These Spin-off series will let you experience the world of your favourite shows all over again

18 . Mar . 2020
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We love seeing connected universes and watching the worlds of our favourite series branch out like intricate spider webs. That’s what spin-offs are for. They keep the universe going without dragging on around the same storyline. So, we decided to look through some spinoffs that have surpassed our expectations when they graced our television screens through the years.

From Young Sheldon or Better Call Saul, here are 5 spin offs that can hold their own in a crowd of originals:

Better Call Saul

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If you ever need a good lawyer, call one. If you ever need to get away with something by any means necessary, Better Call Saul. The Breaking Bad prequel, often deemed better than its predecessor, revolves around the life of a lawyer who always finds a way to get you out of an unpleasant situation. Watch Saul Goodman in action on Colors Infinity every Tuesday at 11pm followed by a repeat on Saturdays at 9pm.

Young Sheldon

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Meet the young prodigy and his family as they overcome the roller-coaster of their everyday lives? We’ve seen the older version of Sheldon and his love for trains and the classic ‘Soft Kitty’ song in the Big Bang Theory, well, now you can find out where it all started. Get ready to join in the struggles of the Cooper family as they deal with everyday battles of trying to be a ‘normal family’ only on Comedy Central on Fridays at 10pm.


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If you love ‘The Vampire Diaries‘, and everything associated with it, you are bound to love ‘Legacies‘. The series is a spinoff of ‘The Originals’ and has familiar faces from both these shows. The tensions are running high in the supernatural world, and one girl might be uniquely positioned to broker some semblance of peace. Aptly named Hope, she has the bloodlines of vampires, witches, and werewolves in her. However, before Hope realizes how much the fate of the magical world rests on her shoulders, she must get through the school where all supernatural children learn to harness their powers.

 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 

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Always wanted to be a superhero, travel through time and save the day? If the answer to any of those was yes, Rip Hunter will find you and recruit you to become one of the Legends who save the world from an apocalypse time and time again. The spin off of Arrow and Flash, has all our favourite characters from the fictional universe of DC’s Comics. Catch the legends take on the world only on Colors Infinity at 10pm every Wednesdays.

 Fear of the Walking Dead

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Romance, treachery, heartbreak and lots and lots of zombies… Fear the Walking Dead has given us dollops of drama and a pile-up of jaw-dropping twists since it premiered in 2015. The spin-off of ‘The Walking Dead’ is a frightening, gripping, shocking, exciting–a realistic, gritty take on the zombie apocalypse. If you love the thrill of a horror movie combined with the graphics of a zombie movie, this is the series for you.

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